Cow Meat Diagram



At Gauchos we are proud to cook using a black rock grill, which emulates as closely as we can the traditional parilla of the pampas. The grill is set in the body of the restaurant and diners can enjoy the sights and sounds and irresistible scents of the burning wood and the slow grilling of the best cuts of meat in the world. Our diners can create their own steak, choosing how long to let the meat grill, enjoying a unique, bespoke dining experience, savouring the flavours of the pampas in the heart of the ancient city of Gibraltar.

The black rock grill uses basalt, which is a volcanic rock created when magma is cooling rapidly at the surface of the earth – although basalt is known to have also formed on the moon, on the surface of Venus, Mars and on the asteroid Vesta. Basalt forms usually along the Earth’s fault lines, such as that which runs through the Strait of Gibraltar, where the Eurasian tectonic plate meets the African tectonic plate.

This grey/black and fine grained rock makes an ideal surface for cooking. At Gauchos, we heat the black rock lava stones to 440˚C in our specially designed oven. The rock is brought over to your table with your choice of meat, or fish, which has already been sealed and spiced. The high temperature retained by the rock allows us to pass control over to you – you can sizzle your steak to perfection for your taste in a very short time. This makes it ideal for a business lunch; we can serve your meals, exactly how you want it, in less than 10 minutes from your order.

Rich, tender steak, full of the flavours of the pampas, in an atmospheric setting – an authentic dining experience full of the ambiente de Argentina.