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Where traditional tastes combine seamlessly with today’s cuisine - Gauchos Steakhouse Gibraltar

Argentina is spectacular. It is a country that engages the senses and fires the passions. Argentina’s is a vast landscape where every hue of every colour is painted into its scenery, from its awe-inspiring mountain ranges to the wide open plains of its world-famous pampas, from its glaciers and waterfalls all the way to its silver sea.

Argentina is a vibrant country, pulsing with the passion of its people and their culture. Its music and art and literature represent a blend of the indigenous and the European, of the mystic and the cosmopolitan, rooted in tradition and reaching out to the new.  Argentina’s iconic dance is the tango. Fiery, passionate, dramatic, it leaves an unforgettable impression on those who follow its steps. And the Argentinian dedication to sports – especially football – is renowned worldwide.

At the very heart of Argentina’s culture is its food, the way it is savoured and enjoyed by its people. Dining in Argentina is more than just a way to sate hunger, more than enjoying a few hours engaged in conversation over food and wine.  Sharing food and the love of food is a way of life in Argentina. Food brings families together, it binds friendships, it celebrates people and their love of life. Invitations to eat together are a sign of kinship, a symbol of love, friendship and integration. A gathering for an asado – the traditional Argentinian grill – is always a cause for celebration, whether as part of a feast, or a simple Sunday lunch.

The image of the gaucho, the nomadic cowboy ranging with the cattle in the vast grasslands of the pampas, is iconic, instantly recognisable around the world. The gaucho represents a sense of freedom, of open spaces, of living close to nature, of hot, hard, heavy work and the rewards of some of the world’s best beef grilled on hot stones over a log fire, in the grass-scented cool of the sunset.

At Gauchos Restaurant in Gibraltar, we celebrate the unique spirit of Argentina within the equally unique setting of one of the world’s iconic fortifications. The Rock of Gibraltar rises from the sea, one of the ancient Pillars of Hercules, and nestled within the stones of its city walls, the Gauchos expert chefs prepare the best Argentinian steak, accompanied by traditional Argentinian complementary dishes. Gauchos brings to diners vividly authentic flavours, capturing the scent of the traditional asado out in the pampas on a summer evening and the taste of some of the world’s most succulent cuts of meat. Superb wines and service that is distinguished by its excellence all come together to create an unforgettable dining experience.

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  • Amazing Steak

    Lovely restuarant the best steak I have ever tasted. Quite pricey but worth it. You have to order veg and sides separately.

    Sue I

  • A good choice if you love steak

    A nice place to eat a good steak! The staff is very kind. Would recommend it to everybody who loves a steak, make sure you book a table in advance, because it can be really busy.

    Jesse H

  • Steaks to die for

    I had passed this place many times but thought it looked too expensive but I was wrong, the quality and size of the steaks is worth every penny, I had the Rib Eye with hand cut big chips and mushrooms it was served and cooked to perfection with a hot basalt block to allow you to sear any underdone pieces, this was good as the steak was 40-50 mm thick and covered half my plate, simply steak perfection.

    David M

  • Great Restaurant for Meat Lovers!

    Really good service and very tasty food. This was my second time visiting. I recommend you try their speciality which is the Argentinian Fillet. They also have a very nice selection of wines.

    Amnon Alexander P

  • Fantastic steak, wonderful staff

    Amazing steaks and great advice from staff. As someone who loves their steak Blue it was great to be advised which steaks were the best to have cooked that way. When the meal arrived it was the best steak ever. All the staff went out their way to be helpful and brought steaks over we were interested in explaining exactly how they would cook it. Absolutely amazing meal would go back again in a heartbeat

    Merle D